The West Mifflin Community Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting the Borough of West Mifflin and surrounding communities through educational support, charitable giving, and disaster relief. We support the Borough of West Mifflin, West Mifflin Area School District, local organizations, and the surrounding communities through fundraising, volunteerism, and grant application support.

As a corporation granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service, the Foundation enjoys many benefits not available to other organizations in our community. Donations received by the Foundation are tax-deductible to donors for federal income tax purposes. Additionally, the Foundation does not pay income taxes on donated funds, the Board of Directors are all volunteers who receive no compensation, and the Foundation’s publicly available financial statements are audited every year by a certified public accountant. The organization’s low administrative costs and complete transparency result in a very high percentage of all donations that are spent directly on causes in our community. You can donate to our cause using the button below – thank you for your support!

Please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation with questions, support requests, to volunteer or to simply stay updated on the Foundation’s activities in our neighborhoods. We can be contacted via email at westmifflincf@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.

Read about our current Board of Directors here.

Check out our initiative to build a dog park in West Mifflin here!